Personal Stories: Keith Hallbourg


Hello. I just happened upon your website via a “Google” search. I too survived an acute dissection in 1994 when I was 25 years old.

Long story short, I am still here with a St. Jude valve and a dacron ascending aorta. In addition to some physical limitations and chronic concerns I am fairing well enough not to complain much.

All things considered I could be dead for 10 years plus at this point.

That said, I continue to suffer mentally from the psychological trauma of the entire life changing event.

This mindset has been exacerbated greatly with my brother’s recent sudden death (April 16th, 2004) of an acute aortic dissection, at age 37.

I would likely enjoy, or at least find cathartic, corresponding with you regarding our similar experiences.

If this is of any interest to you please email me at your convenience. Otherwise, best of luck to you.

Cordially, Keith W. Hallbourg

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